Sinead O’Connor had shared pain over son\’s suicide in her last tweet

Just a few days before her passing, Sinead O\’Connor\’s last tweets revealed the intense anguish she was going through. The Irish singer, who sadly departed at 56, had always been candid about her mental health struggles and her bipolar disorder diagnosis.

In a deeply moving message on July 17, Sinead conveyed the profound grief over her son, Shane, who tragically took his own life at the age of 17. She poured her heartache into words, saying, \”Since then, I\’ve been living as an undead night creature… He was the love of my life, the lamp of my soul. We were one soul in two halves.
Furthermore, Sinead shared a Spotify link to the musical piece \’Chenrezi,\’ with the caption, \”For all mothers of Suicided children. Great Tibetan Compassion Mantra.\” This compassionate gesture underscored her empathy for other mothers who have endured the unimaginable loss of a child to suicide.

The world grieves the loss of this expressive musician, who fearlessly confronted her inner struggles and used her voice to bring awareness to the importance of mental health. May she rest in peace.

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