Shops torched, vandalised: For second day, Gurgaon remains on edge

In the aftermath of communal clashes that erupted in Nuh, several areas in Gurgaon witnessed violence, leading to the vandalism and setting on fire of various shops. In response to the situation, the district administration took precautionary measures, announcing the closure of all schools under the Sohna sub-division on the following day, Wednesday. Corporate offices also allowed employees to leave early and encouraged work from home arrangements. Additionally, some schools in Delhi decided not to send their buses to Gurgaon.

To maintain public safety, the district administration issued a series of orders and advisories, urging caution. Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav, in an order, highlighted the communal tension in the neighboring district of Nuh, which resulted in road blockages by anti-social elements in certain parts of Gurgaon, especially Sohna. To prevent any untoward incidents and ensure the safety of students, the decision to close all government and private educational institutions in the Sohna sub-division on August 2 was deemed necessary.

The district administration also made a plea to the general public to refrain from sharing any content on social media that could potentially hurt religious sentiments or disrupt religious harmony. An advisory stated that strict action would be taken against those spreading rumors or making inappropriate comments targeting someone\’s religion or caste. The administration assured that social media activities were under close monitoring to maintain order and prevent any further escalation of tensions.

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