Shikhar Dhawan gets divorce on grounds of cruelty by wife Aesha Mukerji

In a development on Wednesday, a Delhi court granted Shikhar Dhawan a divorce based on the grounds of cruelty inflicted by his wife, Aesha Mukerji.

The court\’s verdict asserted that Aesha had caused emotional distress to Dhawan by compelling him to live separately from their sole son for an extended period.

Judge Harish Kumar, presiding over a family court in Delhi, upheld all the allegations presented by the cricketer in his divorce petition. Aesha either did not contest these allegations or failed to present a defense.

However, the court refrained from making a decision regarding the permanent custody of the couple\’s child. Instead, the judge conferred visitation rights upon Dhawan, allowing him to spend an appropriate amount of time with his son in both India and Australia. Dhawan was also granted permission to engage in video calls with his child.

The court order articulated, \”Considering that the petitioner is a renowned international cricketer and a matter of national pride, it is urged that the Government of India address the matter of visitation/custody of the minor son with its Australian counterpart, facilitating regular visitation or communication between Dhawan and his son, or even exploring the possibility of permanent custody.\”

The judge further elucidated, \”Dhawan, through no fault of his own, endured immense agony and suffering due to the prolonged separation from his son. Although the wife refuted the accusation, expressing her sincere desire to live in India with him, her commitment to her daughters from a prior marriage necessitated her residence in Australia. Dhawan was cognizant of her commitment, yet she chose not to contest the assertion.\”

With no challenge to Dhawan\’s testimony, the judge concluded, \”Thus, it is established that the wife failed to fulfill her commitment to establish a matrimonial home in India after marriage, resulting in a long-distance marriage that caused Dhawan significant emotional pain and suffering due to the separation from his son.\”

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