School students in capital inspired and delighted by the success of Chandrayaan-3

With their national flags held tightly, numerous students fixed their gaze on the screen as Chandrayaan-3 gracefully landed on the lunar surface on Wednesday.

In the auditorium of Kautilya Government Sarvodaya Vidyalaya in Greater Kailash and the School of Specialised Excellence in Kalkaji, students, educators, principals, and Delhi\’s education minister, Atishi, gathered to observe the live broadcast of the landing. The room reverberated with applause and cheers as the spacecraft made a gentle touchdown.

Divya, a ninth-grade student, recalled her experience of witnessing the liftoff on July 14. \”I saw Chandrayaan-3 take off, and today I saw it land. It was nerve-wracking, but my happiness knows no bounds,\” she shared.

Shreya Sinha, an eleventh-grade student, contributed, \”We faced challenges during Chandrayaan-2, which was disheartening, but we persevered without giving up. Our determination has paid off, and this achievement is monumental.\”

Addressing the students, Atishi conveyed, \”Many of you aspire to work with ISRO or NASA at least once in your lives. This aspiration stems from the curiosity we feel when we gaze at the sky. Let this inspiration guide all of you. India is on the verge of becoming the third country to achieve a delicate lunar landing.\”

\”Chandrayaan-3 is just the beginning. The day is near when India will lead the global space frontier through its progressive space program… This accomplishment will ignite a desire in children to envision remarkable and innovative possibilities for India\’s future. This event highlights that investments in education and research consistently steer the nation towards progress,\” she added.

In the meantime, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hailed the event as \”historic\” in a tweet. He praised the success of Chandrayaan-3, recognizing it as a significant national milestone and a source of pride for all.

Among the attendees of the event was Radhika Arora, the principal of Government Girls Senior Secondary School, accompanied by other principals from various schools across Delhi. Arora commented, \”We informed our students about ISRO\’s ongoing project, and they eagerly awaited its outcome. We take pride in this achievement and encourage students to perceive it as a lesson in learning. They should comprehend that triumph often follows setbacks. I\’m delighted to witness the students\’ enthusiasm for this lunar landing.\”

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