Sam Altman Invited To OpenAI Headquarters On Sunday By Executives

On Sunday, ousted CEO Sam Altman and former President Greg Brockman returned to OpenAI\’s headquarters in San Francisco, as per The Information\’s report. Interim CEO Mira Murati conveyed to the staff that she had extended an invitation to Altman to rejoin the company. Reuters reported that Altman is currently engaged in discussions regarding a potential return to OpenAI, the organization behind the ChatGPT bot, while also contemplating the launch of a new artificial intelligence (AI) venture. Altman\’s sudden removal by the company\’s board on Friday, where he held prominence in the generative AI field, had a notable impact on the tech industry.

OpenAI, as conveyed to Reuters, opted not to provide specific comments on The Information\’s report.

Altman posted an image on the messaging platform X on Sunday, depicting himself wearing an OpenAI guest badge, accompanied by the caption: \”first and last time I ever wear one of these.\”

The abrupt management upheaval raised concerns and dissatisfaction among both current and former employees, particularly with regard to the potential repercussions on an upcoming $86 billion share sale.

Greg Brockman, OpenAI\’s former president and co-founder, was also reportedly present at the office on Sunday, according to The Information. Brockman had resigned from his role as chairman of the board in the recent management changes and officially announced his departure from the company on Friday.

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