Rishi Sunak makes \’historic\’ G20 visit to India

Downing Street has characterized this visit as a \”historic\” event, underscoring its significance as a vivid testament to the enduring ties between these two nations.

Accompanying Mr. Sunak is his wife, Akshata Murty, who originates from India and spent her formative years there. She also happens to be the daughter of one of India\’s most affluent individuals.

The primary purpose of this visit is to participate in the G20 summit, which encompasses the world\’s 19 largest economies along with the European Union.

The G20 represents a diplomatically diverse gathering, with its members often sharing little more than their economic prominence. Nevertheless, this diversity serves as the core rationale for its existence: bringing together the globe\’s economic powerhouses.

Having originated in 1999 and gained prominence following the 2008 financial crisis, the G20 is a product of the 21st century. Consequently, its discussions often encompass a wide range of topics. Moreover, the summit provides leaders with the opportunity for one-on-one meetings, known as \”bilaterals.\”

Notably, two of the most influential figures in the world were extended invitations but declined to attend. For the second consecutive year, Russia\’s President Vladimir Putin will be absent, drawing criticism from the prime minister, who highlighted Putin\’s diplomatic isolation and self-imposed detachment from global dialogues.

However, the situation is multifaceted. President Xi of China is also conspicuously missing from the summit, and some G20 members exhibit varying degrees of commitment to addressing matters related to Ukraine. As an example, India, the host of the summit, continues to procure substantial quantities of oil from Russia.

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