Reading Between The Lines: The Hindu 13 May 2024

Reading between the Lines: The Hindu 13 May 2024: What you should not miss!
Page No. News Heading Key Concepts
Page 3 Bird flu outbreak in Kerala govt. duck farm Bird Flu (H1N5): basics
Page 4 Govt. to spend ₹2 cr. per km on roads along China border Vibrant Village Programme (VVP)
Page 4 Cloud of discontent hangs over coal project in Birbhum Deocha Pachami coal mine project
Page 4 ‘Talks should resume between fishing community of T.N., Northern Province’ Katchatheevu Issue
Page 7 This worm develops food habits and its offspring ‘inherit’ them Caenorhabditis elegans
Page 10 The poll promise of affordable housing Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme
Page 11 What is DigiLocker and does it keep your data and documents safe? DigiLocker: basics
Page 13 NH construction slows as funds go scarce, hybrid annuity model falters Hybrid annuity and other investment models
Page 14 At least 34 killed and 16 missing following floods in Indonesia Mount Marapi
Page 14 Thousands flee Russia’s renewed Ukraine offensive Kharkiv region
Page 15 U.S. trains AI to fly fighters, navigate without GPS, in race with Chinese Machine learning, artificial intelligence
Page 15 Sickle cell patients in rural Uganda gather hope from a survivor Sickle cell disease
Page 8 Editorial: Modest rebound: The small rise in industrial output holds some worrying portents Index of Industrial Production (IIP); How IIP is different from Annual Survey of Industries (ASI)
Page 8 Editorial: Investment lessons from the India-EFTA trade deal India-EFTA trade deal
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Reading between the Lines | The Hindu 13 May 2024

Keywords: Index of Industrial Production (IIP) upsc; Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) upsc; Bird Flu (H1N5) upsc; Vibrant Village Programme (VVP) upsc; Deocha Pachami coal mine project upsc; Katchatheevu Issue upsc; Caenorhabditis elegans upsc; Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana upsc; DigiLocker upsc; Hybrid annuity and other investment models upsc; Mount Marapi upsc; Kharkiv region upsc; Machine learning vs artificial intelligence upsc; Sickle cell disease upsc; India-EFTA trade deal upsc

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