Reading Between The Lines | The Hindu 10 May 2024

Reading between the Lines: The Hindu 10 May 2024: What you should not miss!
Page No. News Heading Key Concepts
Page 1 JJP, INLD seek floor test, say BJP govt. lost majority Floor Test, Article 174 of the Constitution
Page 2 Polling booths in forests: NGT seeks Assam govt.’s reply National Green Tribunal (NGT): structure and mandate
Page 4 SC stops grant of fresh mining leases in the Aravalli range Aravalli range: origin, spread and other geographical features
Page 4 Vyjayanthimala, Chiranjeevi, Hormusji N. Cama receive Padma awards from Murmu Padma Awards: important features
Page 7 Could bird flu turn into the next pandemic? Bird Flu: imporant details; Pandemic Vs Epidemic
Page 7 All about FLiRT, the new COVID-19 variants FliRT variant of COVID-19
Page 10 12% of children did not receive measles vaccine in India Measles: causes and prevention
Page 10 Reservation within Constitutional bounds Q. How can India reconcile the constitutional 50% reservation cap with the incorporation of new marginalized groups, and what are the potential effects on social equity and political dynamics?
Page 12 Why did Interpol issue a blue corner notice against Prajwal? Interpol’s colour-coded notices
Page 13 At WTO, India for spotlight on ‘real-life issues’ World Trade Organization: structure and mandate
Page 13 Green steel needs tiered incentives to become a reality in Asia: Russell What makes steel green?
Page 13 Bear market for diesel spells fresh troubles for oil Brent crude: Bsics; What is scrack spread?
Page 13 Corporate climate watchdog paper deems carbon offsets largely futile Carbon Credits: basics
Page 14 U.K. girl’s hearing restored after groundbreaking gene therapy Gene Therapy: characteristics
Page 15 Casualties rise in Myanmar as junta uses scorched earth tactics against insurgents What is scorched earth tactics?
Page 15 HRW flags possibility of ‘genocide’ in west Darfur Human Rights Watch (HRW); Darfur conflict
Page 15 In Catalonia, a high-stakes vote for PM, Puigdemont Catalonia region’s seprartion struggle from Spain
Page 8 Editorial: An AI-infused world needs matching cybersecurity Bletchley Declaration;
Mains Q. In an AI-infused world, how can governments ensure cybersecurity measures evolve in tandem with technological advancements to mitigate emerging threats and safeguard critical infrastructure?

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Reading between the Lines | The Hindu 10 May 2024

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 The following topics will be covered today:

  • Floor Test upsc,
  • Article 174 of the Constitution upsc
  • National Green Tribunal (NGT) upsc
  • Aravalli range upsc
  • Padma Awards upsc
  • Bird Flu upsc
  • Pandemic Vs Epidemic upsc
  • FliRT variant of COVID-19 upsc
  • Measles upsc
  • Interpol’s colour-coded notices upsc
  • World Trade Organization upsc
  • Green Steel upsc
  • Brent crude upsc
  • crack spread upsc
  • Carbon Credits upsc
  • Gene Therapy upsc
  • scorched earth tactics upsc
  • Human Rights Watch (HRW) upsc
  • Darfur conflict upsc
  • Catalonia region’s seprartion struggle from Spain upsc
  • Bletchley Declaration upsc

Mains Answer Writing Practice

 Q. In an AI-infused world, how can governments ensure cybersecurity measures evolve in tandem with technological advancements to mitigate emerging threats and safeguard critical infrastructure? (Answer in 250 words)

Q . To what extent does the proliferation of AI necessitate a corresponding advancement in cybersecurity measures, and what strategies can governments adopt to mitigate emerging cyber threats in an AI-infused world? (Answer in 250 words)

Note: The above concepts are provided to the online/offline students of TarunIAS as classroom notes.

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