Rahul Gandhi steps up caste census pitch as poll battle approaches in Rajasthan

Rahul Gandhi persisted in his critique of Prime Minister Modi, alleging a shift in his position from asserting OBC status to claiming there is no caste in the country. During rallies in Bundi and Dausa districts of Rajasthan, Gandhi accused Modi of prioritizing the interests of industrialist Gautam Adani continuously.

Regarding the caste census issue, Gandhi committed that if the Congress assumes power at the Centre, commencing a caste census will be their foremost priority. He insisted that despite Modi\’s reluctance, a caste census could be conducted by him and the Congress.

In Bundi, Gandhi accused Modi of aiming to establish \”two Hindustans,\” one favoring Adani and the other disadvantaging the impoverished. He proposed that instead of endorsing \”Bharat Mata ki Jai,\” the Prime Minister should proclaim \”Adani ji ki Jai,\” alleging Modi\’s allegiance to Adani.

Gandhi contested the potential governance of the BJP in Rajasthan, cautioning that it might lead to the discontinuation of public welfare schemes initiated by the current Ashok Gehlot-led government.

In Dausa, Gandhi reiterated his disapproval of Modi, emphasizing the Prime Minister\’s transition from identifying as an OBC to refuting the existence of caste. He queried the representation of OBCs among the country\’s IAS officers and stressed the significance of a caste census.

Gandhi also censured the BJP for fielding Girraj Malinga, a leader accused of assaulting a Dalit, asserting that the Congress, in contrast, did not endorse such behavior.

In response, the state BJP spokesperson, Mukesh Pareek, rejected Gandhi\’s statements as unfounded and inaccurate, underscoring the positive impact of Prime Minister Modi\’s initiatives on various societal segments. Pareek urged Gandhi to address issues like crime against Dalits and corruption in Rajasthan.

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