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Tarun IAS

Philosophy Optional

Philosophy Optional Course for UPSC CSE

• Comprehensive coverage of Syllabus.
• Online class test and copy evaluation.
• Philosophy with Copy evaluation.
• Philosophical terms and vocabulary.
• very high scoring optional due to its logical nature.
• Independent of Current Affairs hence free from dynamicity and uncertainty of UPSC patterns.
• It also helps in Essay Writing, since some of the topics in essay are from Philosophy only.

Philosophy Optional Class Schedule 2021.!!

Tarun IAS | UPSC Philosophy Optional - Syllabus


  • Class-1 Plato and Aristotle
  • Class-2 Rationalism (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz)
  • Class-3 Empiricism (Locke, Berkeley, Hume) W.Test-01
  • Class-4 Kant
  • Class-5 Hegel
  • Class-6 Moore, Russell and Early Wittgenstein W.Test-02
  • Class-7 Logical Positivism
  • Class-8 Later Wittgenstein
  • Class-9 Phenomenology (Husserl) W.Test-03
  • Class-10 Existentialism (Kierkegaard, Sartre, Heidegger)
  • Class-11 Quine and Strawson W.Test-04


  • Class-12 Carvaka
  • Class-13 Jainism
  • Class-14 Schools of Buddhism IP.Test-01
  • Class-15 Nyaya-Vaiseshika
  • Class-16 Samkhya
  • Class-17 Yoga IP.Test-02
  • Class-18 Mimansa
  • Class-19 Schools of Vedanta
  • Class-20 Aurobindo IP.Test-03


  • Class-21 Social and Political Ideals
  • Class-22 Sovereignty
  • Class-23 Individual and State SP.Test-01
  • Class-24 Forms of Government
  • Class-25 Political Ideologies
  • Class-26 Humanism, Secularism, Multiculturalism SP.Test-02
  • Class-27 Crime and Punishment
  • Class-28 Development and Social Progress
  • Class-29 Gender Discrimination
  • Class-30 Caste Discrimination SP.Test-03


  • Class-31 Notions of God
  • Class-32 Proofs for the Existence of God and their Critique
  • Class-33 Problem of Evil PR.Test-01
  • Class-34 Soul
  • Class-35 Reason, Revelation and Faith
  • Class-36 Religious Experience PR.Test-02
  • Class-37 Religion without God
  • Class-38 Religion and Morality
  • Class-39 Religious Pluralism and the Problem of Absolute Truth
  • Class-40 Nature of Religious Language PR.Test-03

Why you join Tarun IAS?

  1. Best online Courses available in HD quality video.
  2. Course Study independent of Broadband Usage.
  3. Experienced faculties available to you in your study room.
  4. Get printed material in hard copy.
  5. Fusion Course (options available to Switch over offline course in normal condition.)
  6. Daily Answer writing practice.
  7. EMI options available.
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Why the Philosophy Optional Course of IAS is Necessary?

Tarun IAS’s upsc Philosophy Optional course is ideal for UPSC mains examination. This course covers the materials prepared by expert teachers. It also prepares the aspirants to clear the exam in the first attempts. Students pursuing graduation can also opt this courses. 

The course is prepared in such a way that it gets completed thoroughly in exactly 90 Days. In addition to regular classes, regular doubt clearing sessions are conducted by various expert teachers. They identify weaker areas of candidates and provide the best solution to improve for the exam. The batch is filled with an energetic approach with a focus on current affairs of national and international importance. Tarun IAS helps students in preparing current affairs and also subjects as required by the aspirants. 

Tarun IAS offers an exclusive Philosophy optional course online at affordable prices. In this course, the students get the best mentorship at one place which helps in solving objective examinations.

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