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Tarun IAS


Course Overview

Tarun IAS Mains Test Series 2023 offers a transformative journey to enhance your writing skills. With a systematic approach, simulated exam environment, personalized evaluations, and valuable tips, this comprehensive test series ensures mastery of the syllabus through focused answer writing.


  • Subject-wise Daily Schedule focusing on important sections of the mains syllabus.
  • Regular assessments with 30+ full-length mock tests.
  • Weekly mock tests based on monthly syllabus coverage.
  • Segment-wise full-length tests with doubt clearing sessions.
  • Questions based on scientific trend analysis of previous years’ questions.
  • Complete UPSC patterned exam cycle covering essay, GS I, II, III, IV, and language papers.
  • 10 essay tests and 2 full-length language tests.
  • Course duration: June 2023 to September 2023.
  • Study material includes last 1-year current affairs magazines and quality mains test series.
  • Fee: Rs. 5000 with a 50% discount for Prelims 2023 qualified students.

Comparison with Mains Mentorship 2023:

  • Mains Test Series 2023 focuses on enhancing writing skills through mock tests, evaluations, and tips.
  • Mains Mentorship 2023 offers comprehensive guidance and mentorship throughout the mains exam preparation process.
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