Private schools in Ayodhya is at risk due to their failure to input student

The recognition of approximately 150 private schools in Ayodhya is at risk due to their failure to input student profiles into the U-DICE portal, despite repeated instructions. These schools are being viewed as potentially fake, and notices have been issued to them. If these schools do not comply within a week, their recognition will be canceled, and legal action will be taken against them.

The District Basic Education Officer has taken serious notice of the negligence displayed in entering student profiles into the U-DICE portal. Notices have been issued to private schools regarding the withdrawal of their recognition. These schools have until July 15 to comply. If they fail to input the data even after this deadline, their recognition will be terminated, and their operations will be banned. These schools will be removed from the portal.

The government has instructed that complete data of both council and private schools be entered into the U-Dice Plus portal. The District Basic Education Officer has been appointed as the nodal officer for this task. Personal data such as students\’ names, parents\’ names, addresses, and Aadhaar numbers have already been entered for students studying in all 1,790 council schools in the district.

However, private schools have shown limited progress in this regard. Out of the 716 recognized private schools in the district, 430 schools have not yet entered student profiles. Previous notices were issued to these schools, and Block Education Officers have also informed them in writing and verbally.

Despite these efforts, the departmental rules and recognition conditions are being violated. As a result, the District Basic Education Officer, Santosh Kumar Rai, has issued another notice. He has stated that this is the final opportunity, and if the concerned schools do not comply with the data entry requirement, action will be taken.

Please note that the information provided is a rewritten version of the original text and may not reflect the latest updates or developments in the situation.

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