PM Modi\’s Day Out With Robots At Gujarat Science City

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the robotics gallery at the Gujarat Council Of Science City, where he expressed his deep interest in the showcased robots. He took to Instagram to share images from his visit, including one featuring a robot serving him tea.

The Prime Minister\’s Instagram post included the caption, \”Exploring the Fascinating Robotics Gallery at Gujarat Science City. Don\’t miss the snapshot of the Robot graciously serving tea!\” Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel accompanied him during the gallery tour.

In the photographs, the Prime Minister was observed closely examining the robots on display. This newly added gallery within the Science City occupies an expansive area of over 11,000 square meters. As per the Science City\’s website, the gallery\’s objective is to \”offer visitors a platform to delve into the ever-advancing realm of robotics.\”

Prime Minister Modi\’s visit to Gujarat coincided with an event marking the two-decade milestone of the Vibrant Gujarat summit. The inception of this summit can be traced back to Prime Minister Modi\’s tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister lauded the Vibrant Gujarat Summit as a testament to the state\’s steadfast commitment to economic progress. He underscored how the summit has brought together key stakeholders from diverse sectors, fostering growth and generating opportunities, especially for the youth of Gujarat.

During his visit to his home state, the Prime Minister is slated to inaugurate several development projects. These initiatives encompass the launch of village Wi-Fi facilities, aimed at extending internet connectivity to 7,500 villages spanning 22 districts in Gujarat. Furthermore, the Prime Minister will initiate projects worth ₹4,505 crore under the Mission Schools of Excellence, in accordance with the state government\’s announcement.

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