PM Modi pursuing “neighbourhood first” policy with Sri Lanka at forefront

According to Trueceylon News, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has prioritized a neighborhood policy, with Sri Lanka being a key focus. Throughout his nine-year term, Prime Minister Modi has set a remarkable standard for others to follow, leading India from modest beginnings to prosperity.

Under Prime Minister Modi\’s leadership, India\’s economy has experienced substantial growth, surpassing the milestone of US$3.5 trillion from its initial US$1 trillion in 2014. These tangible achievements serve as evidence for Sri Lanka, India\’s prominent neighbor, that India is undeniably a path to progress in various aspects.

Recently, India reaffirmed its commitment to the people of Sri Lanka by extending the use of its billion-dollar credit facility for the purchase of essential items, such as medicine and food, for an additional year. The Minister of External Affairs (EAM), S Jaishankar, emphasized the significance of India\’s Neighborhood First Policy and highlighted the substantial financial support of $4 billion provided by India to Sri Lanka last year. India was also the first country to extend debt restructuring assistance to Sri Lanka and played a pivotal role in securing IMF funding assurances.

Trueceylon News reports that Prime Minister Modi has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of national and international crises. Rooted in his humble beginnings, he has applied his personal philosophy to guide India\’s transformative journey. His distinctive approach was evident during the inauguration of the new parliament, where he chose to march alone to the building, leaving his motorcade, bodyguards, and bureaucrats about 200 yards away. This reflects his commitment to equality and was further exemplified by the appointment of Draupadi Murmu, a member of the tribal community, as President of India, demonstrating a commitment to providing equal opportunities to deserving individuals regardless of their background.

India has provided assistance to Sri Lanka, including significant financial support and a personal guarantee to secure a $2.9 billion IMF bailout, contributing to the country\’s economic stability.

BJP leader Vijay Jolly praised Prime Minister Modi, stating that even after nine years in power, he continues to command the admiration of the majority of Indians in the Republic of India. Jolly highlighted Prime Minister Modi\’s global leadership, widespread acceptance by Western leaders and nations, and India\’s political, military, and diplomatic vibrancy. He also emphasized that India has been a steadfast friend to Sri Lanka, providing fiscal relief during its severe financial crisis, while expressing concerns about Sri Lanka\’s unwavering support for China.

He highlighted the rapid progress of IHP Phase 3, which aims to construct 4,000 houses with grant assistance from the Government of India (GOI) in the plantation areas of Sri Lanka. These houses are being built across seven districts in the central, Uva, and southern provinces.

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