Parliament no confidence motion Highlights: No Confidence Motion defeated in Lok Sabha.

Key Points from the No-Confidence Motion in Parliament: The government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi encountered its second no-confidence motion in the span of nine years. This motion was prompted by the Opposition\’s expression of no confidence in the NDA government. The Lok Sabha introduced the debate on the no-confidence motion on Tuesday, culminating in its defeat on Thursday following Prime Minister Narendra Modi\’s response.

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent figure in the Congress party, made his return to the Parliament after an absence of nearly four months and actively participated in the discussion on Wednesday. The ongoing Monsoon Session, which commenced on July 20, has been marked by legislative deadlock over several issues, including the turmoil in Manipur.

During the deliberation, Rahul Gandhi recounted his visit to Manipur and his interactions with victims of violence in the region. He underscored that the term \”Bharat\” signifies the collective voice of the nation\’s populace and lamented that this voice had been silenced in Manipur. For a comprehensive overview of highlights from the Parliament\’s no-confidence motion, stay tuned to LiveMint.

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