Pakistan\’s Seema Haider under ATS scanner, travel route for illegal enter into India to be probed

The situation involving Seema Ghulam Haider, a Pakistani woman who illegally entered India to marry her Indian partner and live with him, has taken a new turn as the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Uttar Pradesh initiates an investigation. According to reports from Zee News, the UP ATS will thoroughly examine the route Seema Haider took during her journey to India.

The UP ATS investigation will encompass a comprehensive assessment of Seema Haider\’s background and her family. They will closely examine the network of routes she utilized and the mobile number she used while traveling through different countries, considering various perspectives.

Seema Haider\’s journey involved traveling from Pakistan to Dubai, then from Dubai to Nepal, ultimately entering India through Nepal, which raises significant security concerns. Previously, both Seema Haider and her boyfriend were arrested for illegally entering India without a valid visa. Her boyfriend, Sachin, was apprehended for assisting her. Subsequently, they were released on bail and are currently residing in Noida.

Additionally, there are reports of Seema Haider converting her religion. She and Sachin are appealing to the government to grant them permission to marry and allow her to stay in the country. Seema Haider asserts that she has fully embraced Hinduism as her new religion and claims that her Pakistani family has ostracized her for challenging societal norms within Islam.

Seema Haider stated, \”I have fully embraced Sachin\’s religion and culture as my own, and I have changed the names of my four children, who lovingly call Sachin \’Baba.\’ Sachin\’s parents have also accepted me, and I have assimilated all their cultural practices and will continue to live with them.\”

In response to reports of threats issued by certain groups targeting places of worship within the community, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) expressed concern. These groups are alleged to possess advanced weaponry. The HRCP urgently urged the Sindh Home Department to promptly investigate this matter.

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