Pakistani journalist Zainab Abbas deported from India over ‘anti-India, Hindu’ tweets

Pakistani sports journalist Zainab Abbas, who was in India to cover the ICC World Cup 2023, has reportedly faced deportation by Indian authorities. This alleged action occurred prior to the Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka match in Hyderabad, supposedly due to her controversial tweets concerning India and Hindus. Nevertheless, there exists some inconsistency in the reports, with certain sources suggesting deportation and others indicating that she left the country out of concerns for her safety. The incident came to public attention when lawyer Vineet Jindal submitted a complaint against Zainab Abbas, accusing her of making offensive remarks on social media targeting Hindus and India.

Vineet Jindal formally lodged a complaint, stating: \”I have forwarded a complaint letter to @BCCI and @HMOIndia, urging the removal of Zainab Abbas @ZAbbasOfficial as the presenter for the ICC World Cup 2023. This request is grounded in her derogatory and provocative posts directed at Bharat and Hindu Dharma. \’Athiti devo bhava\’ applies exclusively to those who respect our nation and Hindu Dharma, as anti-Bharatiya sentiments are not welcomed on our soil.\”

Initially, Samaa TV reported on Zainab Abbas\’s deportation but subsequently deleted the tweet. They later clarified that the Pakistani sports presenter departed from India due to safety concerns. They stated, \”Pakistani sports presenter Zainab Abbas has safely left India due to \’safety concerns.\’ She is currently in Dubai, and the allegations pertain to #cybercrime and previous anti-India tweets.\”

Prior to her journey to India, Zainab Abbas expressed her enthusiasm about the trip, sharing on X (formerly Twitter): \”There has always been curiosity about what lies on the other side, with more cultural similarities than disparities. We may be rivals on the field, but we share camaraderie off the field. We speak the same language and share a love for art. In a country with a billion people, I am here to represent, create content, and bring in expertise from the best in the business. I am deeply honored to be presenting in India at the Cricket WC2023 for the @ICC once again. A journey away from home for 6 weeks begins now.\”

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