Over 16K homes to have new drinking water tap connections

The Balurghat Municipality is taking significant steps to improve access to clean drinking water for its residents. The municipality is currently working on a project to provide new drinking water tap connections to cover all 22 wards. The estimated cost of this project is Rs 15 crore.

Ashok Mitra, the municipal chairman, revealed that the initiative aims to cover approximately 16,318 households within the designated area, which has been divided into four zones. The water connections will be sourced from the Surface Water Treatment Plant, where water from River Atreyee will undergo purification before distribution.

Out of the 25 wards in the municipality, work is already in progress for 22 wards. The remaining three wards (13, 14, and 15), which were recently added from the Chakvrigu area, will soon receive a similar facility through the Iron Elimination Plant (IEP) station. The process for land acquisition and setting up reservoirs for the IEP station is currently underway. Once complete, underground water will be drawn and sent to the IEP station for purification, and the purified water will be distributed to households through an underground pipeline network.

The municipality has made notable progress in providing water connections to around 4,000 households within the 22 wards. They have set a target to extend this facility to an additional 16,318 households by the end of 2023, ensuring that all households in the 22 wards have access to purified drinking water.

To achieve this goal, the municipality is also working on setting up new supply-lines in areas that currently lack any water supply. An allocated fund of Rs 2 crore is dedicated to laying out these new pipelines, and the work is currently ongoing.

Overall, the Balurghat Municipality is committed to ensuring a steady supply of clean drinking water to its residents and is making significant efforts to achieve this mission.

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