\’Only Australian who gave us good news\’: Arnold Dix hailed for leading rescue ops in Uttarkashi

Arnold Dix, the expert in tunneling who led the rescue operations in Uttarkashi, is being praised for his exceptional efforts. Some individuals on social media even suggest that he is the lone Australian providing positive news to Indians, particularly in the aftermath of Australia\’s triumph over India in the World Cup 2023 final, which left many Indians disheartened.

Hailing from Australia, Arnold Dix, an internationally acclaimed tunnel expert, played a pivotal role in the safe evacuation of 41 workers trapped due to a section collapse in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi. The expertise of micro-tunneling specialist Chris Cooper was also enlisted to assist in the evacuation efforts. After 17 days of unwavering dedication, the rescue teams successfully freed all the stranded workers on Tuesday evening.

Expressions of gratitude flooded social media, with one user stating, \”Salute to Arnold Dix, the tunnel expert who made it possible to rescue the miners. Thank you.\” Another user underscored that, amidst the disappointments of November, Dix emerged as the sole Australian delivering positive news to the nation.

A suggestion was made by social media user Arun Menon for a movie to be crafted on Arnold Dix to commemorate his heroic efforts. Despite India\’s loss in the World Cup, some users acknowledged that Dix\’s actions saved 41 lives.

Nevertheless, recognition was given to the contributions of Indian agencies and rescue personnel, highlighting their continuous efforts in evacuating the workers. A social media user acknowledged Dix\’s role but also credited the local rat-hole miners, noting a significant improvement in the situation after their involvement.

The rescue operations encountered obstacles, including a stuck auger machine used for horizontal drilling. When the machine failed, rat-hole miners, renowned for their expertise in manual drilling, were brought in to complete the operation. This primitive coal extraction method involves digging small, vertical shafts.

As the rescue operations unfolded, the Centre explored various options, including horizontal drilling, vertical drilling, and perpendicular-horizontal drilling. Multiple agencies, including NDRF, SJVN, RVNL, ONGC, THDCL, and BRO, played pivotal roles in the extensive operation.

Digital creator Priya Adivarekar expressed immense respect for Arnold Dix and the entire rescue team, emphasizing their relentless and tireless efforts that ultimately led to the successful rescue mission.

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group, lauded Arnold Dix for his efforts, highlighting the significance of storytelling in communication. Mahindra shared a video of Dix, considering it a master class in communication, and suggested the need to revive and refine storytelling skills rooted in ancient culture.

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