Only 4 women among 144 alumni feted by COEP in 30 yrs

Over the course of the last three decades, COEP Technological University has paid tribute to 144 of its alumni during the annual ceremony that coincides with Engineers\’ Day. It is rather surprising, however, that out of this distinguished group, only four individuals have been women.

Since 1993, the College of Engineering Pune (COEP) Technological University, renowned as the third oldest engineering institute in Asia, has been commemorating the exceptional achievements of its alumni on an annual basis. What\’s particularly noteworthy is that, for the seventh consecutive year, none of the recipients of the esteemed \’COEP Abhimaan Awards\’ have been women.

As indicated by data readily available on the COEP alumni association\’s website, the most recent recognition of a female alumna took place in 2016 when Jaya Panvalkar, an engineering student from the 1972 batch, received acknowledgment from the institution.

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