ODI World Cup 2023: Kapil Dev speaks on India\’s chances, ‘can’t say favourite to win but…\’

Before the 2023 ODI World Cup, Team India, led by Rohit Sharma, achieved a dominant 10-wicket victory over Sri Lanka, securing their 8th Asia Cup title. This victory marks India\’s resurgence as champions in multi-team tournaments, addressing concerns that the team has faced in recent years. Kapil Dev, the former Indian captain who guided India to its inaugural World Cup victory in 1983, expressed his satisfaction with Team India\’s performance and indicated the team\’s readiness for the upcoming World Cup.

Kapil Dev noted that, as a cricketer, he enjoys closely contested matches, but as a player, he appreciates swift victories. He remarked, \”What an outstanding game of cricket. As a cricketer, I prefer a closely contested game, but as a player, I believe in securing all 10 wickets and winning.\”

Regarding the forthcoming ODI World Cup in 2023, Kapil Dev stressed the significance of finishing among the top 4 teams and acknowledged the challenge of predicting whether India would be considered favorites to win. He expressed confidence in the Indian team\’s preparedness for the championship, stating, \”I believe that securing a place in the top 4 is paramount. We cannot definitively claim to be favorites at this moment. Our team is strong, and we must put in diligent effort. While I am familiar with our team, I cannot speak for the others. The Indian team is ready to compete and win the Championship,\” the former Indian captain affirmed.

Looking ahead to the ODI World Cup 2023, Team India remains open to making further adjustments as needed. Captain Rohit Sharma alluded to this flexibility, particularly in terms of squad modifications.

\”As a spin all-rounder, Ashwin is in contention. I have been in contact with him over the phone. Axar\’s injury occurred at the last moment, and Washington was available, so he had to step in and fulfill his role for us,\” Rohit explained.

The deadline for finalizing the ODI World Cup 2023 squad is September 28, and there is still room for potential changes before that date.

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