No Amazon, Flipkart, food deliveries in New Delhi district during G20: Police

On Monday, the Delhi Police made an announcement regarding the upcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi. They declared that, during the summit, there would be a suspension of delivery services and commercial activities in the district, with the exception of medical services. These measures are a crucial component of the heightened security protocols implemented for this significant event, which is expected to host 40 heads of state and various dignitaries in the nation\’s capital.

The police outlined that these restrictions would be in effect from September 8th to September 10th. Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Surender Singh Yadav clarified, \”All essential services will continue uninterrupted. We will permit medical services, encompassing the movement of ambulances, pathology lab services, sample collection, and so forth. Postal services will also maintain their regular operations.\”

However, for a temporary period of three days in the New Delhi district, all cloud kitchens, commercial establishments, markets, food delivery services, and commercial delivery services will be temporarily halted.

Yadav elaborated, stating, \”We cannot authorize the operation of cloud kitchens and food delivery services. Internet-based delivery companies such as Amazon and Flipkart will also be restricted from operating within the designated zone. Nevertheless, delivery personnel will be allowed to transport medicines and essential items.\”

The police made it clear that residents of the New Delhi district and government officials will still have access to the area, facilitated by special passes issued by the police and other relevant authorities.

Yadav also added, \”All taxis and three-wheeled scooter rickshaws (TSRs) transporting passengers from hotels, airports, and railway stations will be granted permission, subject to security restrictions at that time. Minor delays may occur in case of VVIP movements along the same routes. Passengers must possess valid hotel booking documents and travel credentials to confirm their journeys.\”

Furthermore, it was assured that all ambulances and emergency services would continue to operate without hindrance on all routes, with dedicated corridors in place to ensure that these vital services remain unaffected by the security measures.

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