Nikhil Kamath and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw together pledge ₹50 lakh to charity

In a philanthropic endeavor to support the community, Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha, has joined hands with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw to donate ₹50 lakh to charity. Through their podcast \’WTF is,\’ they are giving the audience the power to decide which charity receives the funds.

\”The choice is yours! Kiran and I have committed 50 lakhs to charity on the \’WTF is Biotech\’ podcast, Ep. 7. You get to make the decision. The poll closes this Friday (4th Aug),\” Kamath shared on Twitter.

With his podcast \’WTF is,\’ Kamath offers engaging and insightful conversations with friends and industry experts, delving into their professional journeys and life beyond business.

This initiative promises that every episode of \’WTF is\’ will pledge a substantial amount to a charity, democratically chosen by the audience. Nikhil and his guests on the podcast pool in the funds, but the ultimate selection is in the hands of the listeners/viewers through voting.

In a time where philanthropy and social responsibility are increasingly crucial, Nikhil Kamath\’s initiative showcases how business leaders can positively impact society beyond their corporate endeavors. He not only leads by example but also encourages other industry leaders to step up and contribute to the welfare of the community.

Nikhil\’s dedication to philanthropy is not new. He has long been actively involved in charitable efforts, evident from his own pledge, YIPP (Your Investment, Partnering Philanthropy), and generous contributions to the Bill Gates Foundation for India. He is the youngest Indian to have pledged a significant portion of his wealth to charitable causes through the Gates Foundation.

During a recent episode of the podcast, Nithin Kamath mentioned that Zerodha was not originally intended to become what it is today. Nikhil\’s exceptional trading skills led to the decision to focus on broking, while Nithin himself chose to pursue that path permanently.

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