Nepal\’s tourism industry bounces back, receives nearly 7 lakh tourists in past nine months

According to official data, Nepal received roughly 700,000 tourists in the first nine months of 2023, indicating a gradual rebound from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in this Himalayan nation.

The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has published statistics that reveal a total of 692,372 tourists arrived in the country by air between January and September of this year.

Mani Lama, the Director of the Nepal Tourism Board, expressed contentment, noting, \”We have achieved an impressive 98 percent recovery in tourist arrivals in September of this year.\”

The government of Nepal has set an ambitious goal of attracting one million foreign tourists in 2023.

In September alone, Nepal played host to 91,012 tourists, with 28,694 arriving from India, 8,174 from China, 7,364 from America, and 3,716 from Bangladesh. Furthermore, 3,685 tourists hailed from Australia, 3,640 from the United Kingdom, 3,011 from Sri Lanka, 2,852 from Germany, 2,018 from South Korea, and 1,073 from Israel visited the Himalayan nation during that month.

To provide context, during the same period in the previous year, Nepal saw only 58,314 tourists. The highest number of tourists Nepal ever received by air in September was 92,604 in 2019, before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tourism sector plays a pivotal role in the Nepalese economy, contributing significantly to foreign exchange earnings and revenue. Approximately 6.7 percent of Nepal\’s GDP is attributed to the tourism industry.

Nepal\’s allure as a destination is rooted in its possession of eight of the world\’s top ten highest mountains, including the iconic Mount Everest, which magnetizes mountaineers, rock climbers, and adventure enthusiasts. Additionally, the country\’s abundant Hindu, Buddhist, and other cultural heritage sites, combined with its favorable year-round weather conditions, further enhance its appeal to visitors.

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