National Scholarship Test for UPSC CSE 2025: NEXT IAS aims to reward talent who cannot afford quality guidance

Each year, a multitude of individuals aspire to contribute to their nation by taking part in and successfully passing the Civil Services Examination. Regrettably, many fall short of realizing this ambition. The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), renowned as one of the most formidable exams worldwide, necessitates proper guidance, meticulous planning, and a well-crafted strategy. Yet, financial constraints present a formidable hurdle for numerous deserving CSE aspirants, impeding their access to high-quality educational support.

In an effort to combat this issue and provide support to candidates embarking on their journey of UPSC CSE preparation, NEXT IAS has launched the National Scholarship Test for CSE 2025. This endeavor seeks to extend scholarships of up to 100 percent on tuition fees for the General Studies Pre-cum-Main Foundation course for the year 2025 to those promising individuals facing financial constraints.

NEXT IAS, an initiative of the MADE EASY GROUP, stands as a prominent institution dedicated to preparing candidates for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Within a relatively short time, NEXT IAS has firmly established itself as a preferred choice for civil services exam preparation. Their team of experienced educators and meticulously designed courses have paved the path to success for numerous aspirants. In the UPSC CSE 2022, NEXT IAS achieved remarkable results, boasting seven toppers within the top 10 ranks, fourteen within the top 20 ranks, and seventy-one within the top 100. In total, the institute accounted for 624 selections, representing 67 percent of the total selections in UPSC CSE 2022. These accomplished candidates were enrolled in a variety of courses offered by NEXT IAS.

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