Most Corruption Complaints Against Home Ministry Employees

The most recent annual report from the Central Vigilance Commission reveals that, in the preceding year, the Union home ministry, closely followed by the railways and banks, received the highest count of corruption complaints.

Overall, a total of 115,203 such complaints were recorded across various categories of officers and employees within central government departments and organizations in 2022. According to the report, 85,437 complaints were resolved, while 29,766 remained unresolved, with 22,034 of them pending for more than three months.

For chief vigilance officers, who serve as an extension of the probity watchdog, the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has established a three-month timeline to assess complaints.

In the past year, the home ministry encountered 46,643 complaints against its personnel, whereas the railways received 10,580 complaints, and banks received 8,129.

Of the aggregate complaints against employees of the home ministry, 23,919 were addressed, and 22,724 were still pending, with 19,198 unresolved for more than three months.

Within the railways sector, 9,663 complaints were resolved, leaving 917 pending, with nine of them remaining unresolved for over three months. In the case of banks, 7,762 corruption complaints were handled, out of which 367 were pending, and 78 remained unresolved for more than three months.

With regard to the Government of National Capital Territory Delhi, a total of 7,370 complaints were registered, of which 6,804 were resolved, and 566 were pending, with 18 pending for over three months.

The report provided a breakdown of 4,710 complaints against employees of the housing and urban affairs ministry, encompassing the Central Public Works Department, Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, and other entities. Among these, 3,889 were resolved, and 821 were pending, with 577 pending for more than three months.

The CVC\’s annual report disclosed 4,304 complaints against individuals in the coal ministry (4,050 resolved), 4,236 against those in the labor ministry (4,016 resolved), and 2,617 against employees of the petroleum ministry (2,409 resolved).

Additionally, there were 2,150 complaints lodged against Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) employees, 1,619 against defense ministry personnel, 1,308 against Department of Telecommunications employees, 1,202 against finance ministry employees, and 1,101 against individuals within the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC).

The report further highlighted that 987 complaints were raised against employees of insurance companies, 970 against personnel in the ministry of personnel, public grievances, and pensions, and 923 against individuals in the steel ministry, among others

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