Missouri to celebrate Energy Efficiency Day on October 4th

As per an announcement from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Division of Energy extends an invitation to the residents of Missouri to observe Energy Efficiency Day on October 4th.

Emily Wilbur, who serves as the director of the Division of Energy, emphasized, \”Energy efficiency emerges as one of the most straightforward and cost-effective approaches to mitigating the environmental impact linked with energy consumption.\”

Wilbur went on to elaborate, stating, \”It not only conserves energy but also reduces energy costs for consumers.\”

There are numerous techniques to actively engage in energy conservation, such as sealing air leaks around windows and doors, switching off unnecessary lights, correctly installing and utilizing smart thermostats, deactivating power strips or employing smart power strips to curtail phantom loads (the power consumed by electronic or electrical appliances when they are turned off), and adhering to regular furnace and air filter replacements.

Wilbur underscored the significance of energy efficiency, noting, \”It yields substantial economic benefits.\”

She affirmed, \”Missouri currently boasts more than 39,000 jobs in the energy sector, and this sector is poised for ongoing expansion as we progress into the future.\”

In acknowledgment of the pivotal role of the energy sector within the state of Missouri, Governor Mike Parson has officially declared October 4th as Energy Efficiency Day in Missouri through a formal proclamation.

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