MCD takes steps to control vector-borne diseases in Delhi; Mayor assures reduction in dengue cases in 15 days

The National Centre for Vector Borne Diseases Control (NCVBDC) has released data indicating that, as of mid-September this year, Delhi has registered more than 5,000 cases of Dengue.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has not provided recent updates on vector-borne diseases in the national capital. The most recent weekly report on vector-borne diseases was published in the first week of August.

MCD sources have disclosed that nearly 5,000 cases of dengue have been reported in the city during this year. According to data on the NCVBDC\’s official website, which operates under the Union health ministry, Delhi had documented 5,221 cases of dengue and one fatality due to the disease by mid-September.

Earlier this week, Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi organized a review meeting on vector-borne diseases with officials from the Public Health Department of the MCD at the Civic Centre. During the meeting, officials reassured the Mayor that they are taking all necessary steps urgently to control the spread of dengue and other vector-borne diseases, asserting that the situation in Delhi is \”under control.\”

The statement also highlighted that malaria is effectively managed in Delhi, with 352 cases reported so far this year. It also mentioned a significant reduction in chikungunya cases, with only 29 cases reported in Delhi this year, in contrast to higher figures in previous years.

On October 23, Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) VK Saxena expressed apprehension about the increasing cases of Dengue and malaria in the national capital. He called for heightened sanitation and efforts to mitigate mosquito breeding, along with ensuring adequate facilities at dispensaries and hospitals. The statement from Mayor Shelly Oberoi\’s office additionally conveyed that over 1,000 devices for indoor and outdoor fogging are deployed in more than 250 Delhi wards. Daily inspections are carried out at around 1.5 lakh locations with mosquito larvae, resulting in the issuance of fines and notices when necessary.

Mayor Oberoi affirmed the MCD\’s vigorous measures in addressing vector-borne diseases and expressed optimism in reducing dengue cases over the next 15 days.

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