Lunar Eclipse 2023: Will it be visible in India?

After the awe-inspiring \”ring of fire\” solar eclipse, another celestial extravaganza awaits stargazers in 2023. October is particularly notable this year due to an array of celestial occurrences, including meteor showers, the start of the new year, and the captivating \”ring of fire\” solar eclipse that graced the heavens on October 14. Merely a fortnight later, on October 29, a partial lunar eclipse is on the celestial calendar.

Regarding its visibility, the lunar eclipse will be observable in portions of the Eastern Hemisphere, spanning across Africa, Europe, Asia, and certain parts of Australia. While residents of America won\’t have the opportunity to witness this lunar eclipse, some areas in Brazil will have the chance to see it during the moonrise.

For your reference, take note of the essential dates and times: The lunar eclipse is slated to kick off on October 28 at approximately 18:01 GMT, with the Earth\’s umbral shadow progressively encroaching upon the lunar disk around 19:35 GMT. This celestial phenomenon will unfold across both October 28 and October 29, as the moon enters the Earth\’s penumbra on the former date and delves into the umbral shadow in the early hours of the subsequent day.

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