\’Jativaad\’ Jibe, Ram Temple, 10 Pledges: PM Modi\’s Top Quotes at Dussehra Event in Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced the Dussehra celebrations at Delhi\’s Dwarka DDA ground on Tuesday, where he called upon the citizens to make ten commitments, including elevating the socio-economic status of at least one underprivileged family.

With traditional fanfare and a crowd eagerly awaiting the \’Lanka Dahan\’ ceremony, the Prime Minister received a warm welcome from the event organizers on the dais.

Prime Minister Modi commenced his address with resounding chants of \”Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jai\” and extended his heartfelt Navratri and Vijayadashami wishes to the citizens.

In a subtle critique directed at the \”INDIA bloc,\” which advocated for a caste-based census across the nation, the Prime Minister emphasized that \’Ravan Dahan\’ should not solely signify the burning of an effigy but should also address the forces that attempt to divide \’Maa Bharati\’ in the name of casteism and regionalism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored the importance of eliminating distortions like casteism and regionalism, which undermine social harmony.

Here are some notable quotes from Prime Minister Modi\’s speech:

1. \”Ravan Dahan shouldn\’t just be about burning an effigy but also about countering forces that seek to divide \’Maa Bharati\’ through casteism and regionalism.\”

2. \”The construction of the Lord Ram Temple on Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya stands as a testament to the victory of patience. We are fortunate to witness this momentous occasion after a long wait.\”

3. \”Dussehra symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.\”

4. \”We possess the knowledge of the Gita, as well as the capability to build INS Vikrant and Tejas. We understand the \’maryada\’ of Shri Ram and how to safeguard our borders.\”

5. \”I urge citizens to make ten commitments this Dussehra, including water conservation, promoting digital transactions, maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings, supporting local businesses and \’Made in India\’ products, delivering quality work, exploring India before foreign destinations, endorsing natural farming, integrating superfood millets into their daily diets, prioritizing fitness through yoga and sports, and becoming a benefactor to a needy family to enhance their social and economic well-being.\”

6. \”Vijaydashami represents the victory of justice over injustice, humility over arrogance, and patience over anger, and it is a day to reaffirm our commitments.\”

7. \”On the tradition of \’shastra pooja\’ (worshipping weapons) during this day, the Prime Minister stressed that weapons in India are not used for aggression but for the defense of our territory.\”

8. \”We appreciate both the timeless and modern facets of Indian philosophy. We comprehend the \’maryada\’ of Lord Ram, as well as how to protect our borders.\”

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