Jammu & Kashmir: Army Major opens fire, explodes grenades inside Rajouri camp, five injured

As per PTI\’s reference to official sources, a distressing event transpired in Rajouri district, Jammu and Kashmir, on Thursday, leading to the injury of a minimum of five army personnel, including three officers. Allegedly, during a shooting practice session, a major-ranked officer initiated gunfire without apparent reason, targeting his fellow soldiers. Following this initial discharge, he sought refuge within the camp\’s armory and proceeded to throw grenades at senior officers who had approached the building in an attempt to convince him to surrender.

This tense standoff endured for nearly eight hours before authorities successfully subdued the officer within the armory. This incident unfolded at the Neeli post, situated near Thanamandi in the district.

As a precautionary measure, the army evacuated a nearby village in close proximity to the armory.

However, the army presented a different narrative, suggesting that an officer had been injured in what seemed like a grenade accident at a post in Rajouri. The White Knight Corps of the army communicated via X: \”On 05 Oct 23, one officer was injured in a likely grenade accident at a post in Rajouri sector. The officer was evacuated and is in stable condition post-initial treatment. Further investigation into the incident is in progress.\”

According to insider sources, a series of firing practice sessions had been taking place at the camp in the days leading up to the incident. On Thursday, the accused officer allegedly commenced firing at his comrades and subordinates without any apparent provocation. Subsequently, he retreated to the camp\’s armory and initiated grenade attacks when the commanding officer, along with his deputy and the medical officer, approached the building in an effort to persuade him to surrender.

All three officers incurred injuries when one of the grenades thrown by the accused detonated nearby. The condition of the unit\’s second-in-command was reportedly \”critical.\” Additionally, two other soldiers sustained injuries due to the indiscriminate gunfire unleashed by the accused. The situation was ultimately brought under control around 11 pm.

Regarding this incident, Jammu-based defence PRO Lt Col Suneel Bartwal conveyed in a message, \”I have received calls regarding an incident of firing/terrorist attack at an army camp in the General Area Rajouri. I would like to clarify that no terrorist attack has occurred; this is an unfortunate internal incident within the camp.\”

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