Israel-Palestine War: ‘Iran, Hezbollah had no role in attack’, Hamas to start peace talks | 10 things we know so far

On Monday, in response to a deadly rocket attack by Hamas resulting in over 1,000 casualties and hundreds of injuries, as well as the targeting of foreign nationals during a surprise attack on Israel, the Israeli military implemented unprecedented measures. Here are ten key points summarizing the situation:

1) In reaction to an extraordinary weekend attack by Hamas that inflicted a high number of casualties, the United States military is supplying fresh air defenses, munitions, and security assistance to Israel, as per Reuters reports.

2) The conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas has triggered a more than 4% increase in oil prices, a rise in gold prices, and a marginal strengthening of the U.S. dollar against the euro. Concerns are growing that the conflict could escalate beyond Gaza.

3) Several major international airlines have either suspended or reduced their flight services to and from Tel Aviv due to safety concerns.

4) On Monday, a senior Hamas official expressed willingness to engage in discussions regarding a potential ceasefire with Israel, asserting that the group had achieved its goals.

5) According to AP, a senior Hamas official revealed that only a limited number of high-ranking commanders within Gaza were informed about the extensive incursion into Israel. He also cautioned that allies such as Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah might join the battle if Gaza faced a war of annihilation.

6) Argentina\’s foreign minister, Santiago Cafiero, reported that seven Argentines lost their lives during the recent attacks by Hamas militants in Israel, and 15 more remain unaccounted for.

7) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a fiery speech, vowing retaliation and accusing Hamas of committing atrocities, including the execution of restrained children. He declared, \”This ruthless adversary sought war and will face war.\”

8) Palestinians reported receiving calls and mobile audio messages from Israeli security officials, urging them to evacuate areas primarily in northern and eastern Gaza. These messages warned of impending military operations in these regions, as reported by Reuters.

9) The shocking images of numerous Israelis lying in the streets, victims of gunfire at an outdoor dance event, and abductions from their homes were unprecedented in the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

10) Zohar Maariv, a 24-year-old survivor of the music festival attack who lives near the Gaza border, shared his experience, saying, \”I have never felt so close to death. This time, I genuinely believed it was the end. I live on the Gaza border, and while I\’ve witnessed many things in my life, I\’ve never felt this close to it.\”

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