Israel-Hamas War Day 44: Israel to allow \’very minimal\’ fuel into Gaza. 10 updates

On the 44th day of the ongoing conflict, Israel declared on Friday that it would authorize limited daily fuel shipments into Gaza. The fuel is designated for use by the United Nations and the communication system in the region, as reported by AP. Here are the top ten updates on the Israel-Gaza War.

A US State Department official stated that Israel has agreed to permit the entry of 140,000 liters (36,984 gallons) of fuel into Gaza every 48 hours via the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. The initial shipments are set to commence on Saturday, according to the anonymous official who shared insights into private diplomatic discussions between the US and Israel with AP.

Due to the scarcity of fuel, humanitarian organizations report cancellations in the distribution of essential supplies in the Gaza Strip. The UN warns that the acute fuel shortage may lead to a potential and extensive famine in the besieged area.

Israel reported the discovery of another hostage\’s body near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, a location central to conflicting narratives about the suffering of Palestinian civilians during the conflict with Hamas.

During a Global South summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged leaders to unite and address challenges arising from the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Tanzania\’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of Clemence Felix Mtenga, a 22-year-old agriculture intern abducted by Palestinian militants on October 7. The statement did not provide specific information on how the Tanzanian government learned of Mtenga\’s death or the location of his remains.

Paltel, the Palestinian telecommunications company, announced the partial restoration of phone and internet services in Gaza following the delivery of fuel to restart generators powering communication networks, verified by NetBlocks.

Colonel Elad Goren, head of civil affairs at COGAT (the defense body overseeing Palestinian civilian affairs), stated that Israel has supplied food and water to patients. However, Abu Selmia countered, expressing that the quantity provided was significantly insufficient for the nearly 7,000 individuals within the compound.

International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan confirmed receiving a substantial amount of information and evidence regarding alleged crimes during the Israel-Hamas war but did not provide details on the specific nature of the information.

Khan stated that his prosecution office \”will continue its engagement with all relevant actors, whether national authorities, civil society, survivor groups, or international partners, to advance this investigation.\”

Militants launched attacks on US military bases in Iraq and Syria on Friday, carrying out three strikes on facilities using single-use attack drones, resulting in injuries to one soldier, as disclosed by two US officials speaking anonymously to share sensitive information about the attacks.

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