Iran Funding Hamas Attack, Says Israel Envoy To UN; Over 1,000 Dead

Over 600 Israelis and roughly 370 people in Gaza tragically lost their lives in a sudden and extensive attack instigated by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Saturday. In response to this assault, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to dismantle Hamas\’ strongholds in Gaza.

The number of Palestinian casualties in Gaza rose to a minimum of 232 due to the relentless airstrikes on the coastal area.

Throughout the night, intense confrontations occurred between Israeli forces and hundreds of Hamas fighters at a minimum of 22 locations in Israel. This involved at least two areas where gunmen were holding hostages, according to reports from the Israeli army.

The military also revealed that \”terrorists went on a rampage, forcibly entering homes, resulting in the loss of civilian lives.\” Furthermore, over 1,000 individuals in Israel sustained injuries either from gunfire or the onslaught of more than 3,000 incoming rockets.

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