Indian users will be able to test AI-based Google search features from today

Google has exclusively launched its Search with Generative AI experiment for users in India, starting from Thursday. This introduction brings specialized features designed specifically for the country, with the intention of refining the search experience to be \”more user-friendly and intelligent than ever before.\”

Individuals who choose to participate in testing this feature through Search Labs will be able to access it using both Chrome and the Google app, while the regular native Google search will continue unaffected. The Search Generative Experience (SGE), which was previously rolled out in certain markets, is now accessible in both English and Hindi within India. In regions where Hindi is relevant, users have the convenience of seamlessly switching between these two languages, while other parts of the country will retain access solely to English. Moreover, in acknowledgment of the significant influx of new Internet users, a text-to-speech option is being introduced, and a voice search feature is also in development.

Puneesh Kumar, the General Manager for Google Search, highlighted that the SGE represents \”yet another step forward\” in search technology, capitalizing on Google\’s advancements in generative AI. Through the direct integration of generative AI capabilities into Google search, entirely new categories of queries can now be addressed, revolutionizing the organization of information to assist users in navigating and comprehending the online realm more effectively. This development is particularly beneficial for new Internet users who might feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of online information. Kumar expressed optimism that these users will be able to grasp subjects more swiftly, uncover novel perspectives or insights, and accomplish tasks with greater ease.

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