Indian student\’s condition critical after being stabbed in US

A 24-year-old Indian student in the state of Indiana, USA, has been the victim of a stabbing and is currently in critical condition, according to a media report.

Varun, the victim, was attacked with a knife at a public gym in Valparaiso, Indiana, on a Sunday morning. The assailant, Jordan Andrade, also 24 years old, carried out the assault for reasons that authorities are still in the process of investigating, as reported by NWIU Times.

Subsequent to the incident, the attacker was apprehended and is now facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

The report specifies, \”Varun was subjected to a knife attack by his assailant. Given the severity of his injuries, he was subsequently transported to a Fort Wayne hospital and has been given a grim prognosis, with a zero to five percent chance of survival. Varun\’s condition is reported to be critical following the violent assault.\”

Andrade informed the police that he had requested a massage that morning and upon entering the massage room, he encountered the other individual, whom he did not know but found to be \”a little strange.\”

Perceiving the other individual as a potential threat, Andrade asserted that he responded in what he believed was the \”appropriate manner,\” as outlined in a charging document. The police report further notes that \”Andrade described (the individual) as a threat to him, leading to his immediate reaction.\”

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