India reputation at stake ahead of G20 summit PM must come clean on Adani issue Rahul

On August 31 in Mumbai, Rahul Gandhi, a prominent leader of the Congress party, called upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address recent allegations against the Adani Group in a transparent manner. He emphasized the need for the initiation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) investigation, given that India\’s reputation is at stake, especially in the lead-up to the G20 summit scheduled to take place in the country.

During a press conference, Gandhi launched a strong critique of the BJP-led government at the center, underscoring that this issue holds national importance and enjoys unanimous support from all opposition parties.

He made it clear that there are no divisions within the INDIA alliance on this matter. Currently in Mumbai to participate in a two-day opposition gathering, the Congress Member of Parliament asserted that the ruling party is showing signs of \”panic\” due to concerns surrounding the Adani matter. This sense of alarm prompted the decision to convene a special session of Parliament starting on September 18.

In light of recent allegations published by prominent global financial newspapers suggesting a link between Adani and Prime Minister Modi, Gandhi pointed out that this situation is negatively affecting India\’s global image just ahead of the G20 summit. He raised questions about why central investigative agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have not initiated inquiries into the Adani issue.

Gandhi conveyed, \”The reputation of India is on the line… The Prime Minister must take prompt action and publicly announce the initiation of a JPC investigation and a comprehensive inquiry into the Adani matter.\”

The G20 leaders\’ summit, involving Heads of State/Government, is scheduled for September 9 and 10 in New Delhi. India holds the presidency of this significant intergovernmental forum that includes major global economies.

When asked about the significance of the special parliamentary session beginning on September 18, Gandhi suggested that it reflects a certain degree of anxiety within the government. He attributed this uneasiness to the proximity of the Adani issue to the Prime Minister, which has caused discomfort and nervousness.

Despite India\’s assertion of maintaining a level-playing field, transparency, and integrity, Gandhi argued that recent revelations are raising doubts about the country\’s reputation and the Prime Minister\’s credibility.

He underscored the contradiction between India\’s attempt to present transparency and fairness while grappling with questions regarding the manipulation of share prices and substantial financial movements by an individual closely connected to the Prime Minister.

\”Why is there no investigation? The Prime Minister should provide clarification, and at the very least, a JPC inquiry should be established for a comprehensive investigation,\” Gandhi insisted.

He referred to media reports suggesting a link between Adani and Modi and questioned the absence of investigative efforts by agencies such as the ED and CBI regarding Adani.

Gandhi concluded by emphasizing the seriousness of international newspapers\’ claims of injecting $1 billion into Adani Group companies to artificially boost share prices. He expressed concerns about foreign individuals implicated in these allegations and emphasized the pressing need for transparency and accountability.

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