In Fresh India Provocation, Trudeau\’s \”Importance Of Upholding Law\” Post

Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau utilized the platform X, formerly referred to as Twitter, to convey that he engaged in discussions with Mohamed Bin Zayed, the President of the United Arab Emirates, regarding India and the importance of upholding and respecting the rule of law. In his tweet, he articulated, \”In our phone conversation today, His Highness @MohammedBinZayed and I addressed the ongoing situation in Israel, expressing profound concern for the safeguarding of civilian lives. We also explored the subject of India and the imperative of upholding and respecting the rule of law.\”

This declaration arises amidst a diplomatic dispute involving India following Canada\’s accusation that Indian officials were implicated in the assassination of a Canadian citizen, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who served as the leader of the banned Khalistan Tiger Force and was among India\’s most-wanted terrorists. India has vehemently refuted these allegations.

Trudeau\’s assertions, which emerged subsequent to the G20 gathering in India last month, elicited a cautious response from the United States, as they navigate their relationship between a close ally and an increasingly significant partner.

The spokesperson for the National Security Council, Adrienne Watson, conveyed deep concern and appealed to India to cooperate with the Canadian investigation.

As tensions escalate, the Indian government has requested Canada to reduce its diplomatic presence, resulting in both nations temporarily suspending visa services for each other. Additionally, a Canadian diplomat was expelled, and a travel advisory concerning security risks in Canada was issued in a retaliatory move.

India\’s foreign ministry has maintained that Canada\’s allegations are politically motivated and emphasized that Canadian authorities have failed to provide any substantiating evidence for their claims.

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