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Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is also known for believed to be one of the renowned institutes such as IIT Madras. Several IAS coaching in Chennai offers students a comprehensive package that enables them to understand better the IAS Exam requirements. UPSC Civil services exam is conducted every year by the commission to recruit candidates for various posts such as IAS, IPS, and IFS, etc. UPSC Exam is one of the prestigious and toughest exams in the country. Every year the civil services exam is held by the UPSC in three stages. They are Prelims, Mains, and interviews. Chennai is home to many research institutes and educational institutes. There are lots of universities in Chennai and these are the oldest universities in India.

The UPSC syllabus is complete and requires exhaustive in-depth preparation. IAS Coaching in Chennai provides condensed information from recommended books such as NCERTs, etc. Aspirants studying at IAS Academy in Chennai will also get customized notes from faculties & experts. Though there are several IAS coaching institutes in Chennai unique feature. Tarun IAS is offering is its faculty, classrooms, class tests, study materials, video lectures, etc.   


Factors to Consider While Selecting an IAS Coaching Institute

The IAS aspirant requires an experienced mentor or coaching institute to assist them in clearing the IAS exam swimmingly. A good Online IAS coaching institute can guide the student beautifully to achieve their goal easily and hassle-free all at their desired place. So listed below are some of the factors to be considered while selecting an online IAS coaching center in Chennai as:

Quality Content

This is a very important factor to consider when choosing an online coaching center. All reputed and experienced online coaching centers upload their demo videos for the benefit of the students on their website. IAS aspirants should make sure to check the quality of the videos and information given before enrolling in the class. In the case of recorded video class, you are paying for the offered course hence you must get recorded videos for your specified course and great quality at the same time. The demo class will help you understand the right pace, the teaching style of the teacher, and whether these recorded videos are perfectly edited for the aspiring students. 

Personalized Content

The online recorded classes are made by experienced teachers and faculty. They help to aspire IAS students with planning, discussions, and motivation sessions. These are essential to clear the UPSC exam which an online class does not offer. Personalized content will help you prepare better and amp up your chances of clearing the exam further. Having a mentor to assist will also help you with in-depth knowledge of your chosen subject.


Teaching Style

For an acing IAS exam having a well-rounded knowledge of your chosen subject is vital. Hence before opting for recorded online classes make sure to pay attention to the teaching style of the mentor or the teacher. This will allow you to understand whether the mentor is simply telling the subject or providing you with the real analysis of content. The mentor should be able to demonstrate theoretical knowledge with a practical illustration.

Explanation Of Current Affairs

Current affairs are dynamic and hence considered the toughest among the subjects. The IAS aspirants need to keep themselves updated with the daily news as current affairs acquire 50 % marks in the IAS exam. A good recorded online class will be able to interlink the current affairs with the prescribed IAS course and provide related questions to help better prepare the students for the test.

Mock Tests

Mock tests are as important as the syllabus itself. Since the mock test can be held weekly, monthly, or daily to help the student practice and also aid in time management. Having a standard mock test at regular intervals will help eliminate the fear of the test and cave the path to success. Make sure to choose online recorded classes that provide good and relevant mock questions papers to help you ace your test.


Customer Support

Since you have opted for online recorded classes it is of key importance that the coaching center has good customer support. They should be both professional and at the same time helpful and friendly.  This will allow the students to get technical support if and when required. Good customer support will make sure to attend to your varying needs as earliest as possible.

Upgraded Content

Although it is easy to find online recorded classes, not all are upgraded. Since the IAS exam is constantly varying therefore the coaching center must be prepared with the upgraded information for its enrolling students to help them clear the test. Reputed online coaching will upgrade its self in all aspects from current affairs, sectional tests, etc as well as change the questionnaire at regular intervals to help better prepare its students.  


 Although online recorded classes charge less comparatively than the physical coaching centers it is important to understand the fee structure before making any payments. Several experience online coaching centers offer discounts on course fees or additional facilities to their enrolled students. Hence make sure to get clear information to avail the facilities on offer. Tarun IAS is among one such reputed online coaching institute that offers high quality recorded classes to their students at affordable prices.

With the advent of a pandemic, the online recorded classes are the best option for the aspiring candidates. With superior quality recorded classes the students can avail better learning from their desired location. However last but not least choose online recorded classes with consistent results to make sure that you having a cutting edge in the final exam amongst other candidates.

Tarun IAS | Best Coaching Institute in Chennai

Tarun IAS is the Best IAS Institute in India with a vision to provide high-quality coaching to candidates of various competitive examinations. They also provide effective results for a few years of its inception and are also fortunate to have been able to help some capable young people to achieve their goals. Tarun IAS has been formed with the primary goal of providing a life-changing platform for students to prepare for the IAS exam and impart knowledge to clear examinations with flying colors. They are also providing an innovative learning platform for such a prestigious service. 


Chennai is the textile capital of South India but it lacks the best coaching centers for such a reputable service in the country. Tarun IAS is considered to be the Top IAS coaching center in Chennai to provide HD quality videos for IAS aspirants. Due to our quality videos and better clarity lead to a better understanding of the concepts of the IAS Exam.

Online IAS Coaching vs Offline IAS Coaching 

With the advent of digitalization, there is an ongoing debate as to which is the better option for aspiring IAS students, online coaching, or offline coaching. Although each has several benefits and disadvantages, successfully clearing the IAS is highly dependent on the individual capacity to grasp knowledge, determination, and hard work.

Offline coaching centers triumphs in the department that is a peer to peer learning. By interacting and communicating with the fellow batch mate, students perform better when exchanging ideas or clearing doubts with a fellow mate. They learn to approach subjects with many different perspectives and derive good ideas for problem-solving. Apart from that offline coaching centers provide students with face-to-face interaction with their mentors or teacher to help them prepare and strategize their exam preparation better. Offline coaching can also provide convenience in terms of acquiring quality study material, exam news, current affairs, etc easily. However offline coaching still follows that chalk and duster methodology and lacks in one to one interaction with the mentors due to a large number of students in a single batch.

Advantages of Online IAS Coaching

Online coaching centers are designed keeping in mind the changing needs of students for the IAS exam syllabus. The online courses are tailored to provide self-paced learning, flexibility, and efficient learning techniques. The material and mock test papers are regularly updated and offer real-time doubt clarification for enrolled students. Apart from this online coaching is cost-effective and ideal for professionals who are preparing for the IAS exam and are unable to attend the coaching classes.

Due to visual aids and good learning techniques used in online coaching, students can understand and grasp the subject better and quickly. For an online coaching center, you require access to the internet and the backup power supply.  Tarun IAS is among the best UPSC coaching in Chennai that offers great quality learning experience in budget-friendly prices to their students.

IAS Coaching Vs. Self Study

Although there is no written rule to whether you should join a coaching center or do self-study. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  However, there is an inherent advantage of attending a coaching center.  Since clearing the IAS exam is solely dependent on the zeal, hard work, and determination of the student. Self-study is ideal for students that are working professionals or disciplined types. If the student understands his weakness and strength and is inclined to work hard on them then she or he can clear the exam. They should also have access to upgraded study materials and information required. Practicing the mock test papers regularly will also aid in their preparation for the test.


On the other hand coaching centers allow individuals to get relevant details, mock tests, and exam news relatively easily. This is an added advantage compared to self-study as it saves time collecting such information on your own. With experienced faculty, the candidates will get access to lectures and opinions that will help shape their knowledge. Coaching centers also provide students with comprehensive current affairs news daily and help them keep tap of the present scenario of the country and the world in general. Tarun IAS provides Top IAS coaching in Chennai with superior quality of video lectures at affordable prices with excellent guidance from top Delhi teachers.   

Why or Why not you should consider preparing for your IAS exams in Chennai? 

Although Chennai does have some good coaching centers, however, the number of successful candidates every year is comparatively lesser than other states such as Delhi. The reason is that cities like Delhi boast quality study material, higher selection, established faculty members, etc. which is lacking in Chennai. Therefore to get in par with the study material or reputed faculty members, etc one can opt for online recorded classes in Chennai.

Many online coaching centers from Delhi offer online recorded classes for students without having them to shift their states and live away from their family members. Online classes have facilitated students with proper guidance and good strategies for the IAS exam right at their home. Tarun IAS is among the Top UPSC coaching in Chennai offers great alternatives for students to study from their home by providing them with online recorded classes from the best faculty from Delhi. In absence of good coaching centers in Chennai, Tarun IAS provides their student with flexibility and great study material to help students ace their tests successfully.



Offline coaching and online coaching both have its advantages and disadvantages. Online IAS coaching is considered to be the time-saving, cost-saving, and easy accessibility for preparing for the exam.

Mode of Preparation for IAS Exams

The above tips given would surely help the IAS candidates choose the online IAS coaching that may be the most suitable for them. The right kind of online coaching for the IAS Exam would finally help the students to gain the expertise and clear the civil services exam. Tarun IAS offers an economical, flexible, and updated course for the students. Online coaching is helpful for the students to prepare for the exam at their convenience and also at their comfort.


 Online coaching has immense advantages as it is time-saving, cost-saving, and easy accessibility to prepare for the exam. Preparing for the exam and despite all difficulties, Tarun IAS prepares the students for the IAS exam in a more efficient way. They also provide consistent results and also prepare the students to serve the country more efficiently and effectively. Tarun IAS also provides the strategies for clearing the exam online through continuous mock tests and online coaching students are well prepared for the exam. With the increase in popularity for the IAS exam, several coaching centers are emerging in Chennai.  Experienced teacher\’s lectures have additional benefits over other teachers. They understand the UPSC pattern and can explain the concept in-depth and better way.

To get a clear understanding of quality classes you can get the feedback from the previous batch from the official website.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Hindi Medium coaching centers available in Chennai?

Yes, there are Hindi medium coaching centers available in Chennai. Several reputed Hindi medium coaching centers offer to get guidance and assistance to their students at affordable prices.

Are there free IAS coaching centers in Chennai?

Yes, few IAS coaching centers offer free IAS coaching to good students.

An aspirant can choose an optional subject that he has not studied at his graduate level?

Yes, the aspirants can choose optional subjects which he has not studied at his graduate level.

How many times one can attempt the UPSC Exam?

To clear the UPSC Exam number of attempts is available for General – Four, OBC – Seven,  and for SC/ST – No limitation.

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