\’I am shocked\’: Former Israeli envoy reacts on Shashi Tharoor\’s Hamas comment; Congress MP reacts

Amid the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas, Shashi Tharoor, a prominent figure in the Indian Congress, faced criticism for refraining from categorizing Hamas as a terrorist organization. His remarks regarding the militant group behind a brutal attack on Israel were met with disapproval from Daniel Carmon, the former Israeli ambassador to India.

In one of his interviews, Shashi Tharoor, a Member of Parliament from the Congress party, chose not to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization. He stressed the importance of exercising caution when using such a classification. Tharoor articulated, \”We should exercise prudence in applying the term \’terrorist organization.\’ While the United States and Israel label Hamas as a terrorist organization, India has not made such a designation, and I will align with India\’s stance.\”

Nonetheless, Daniel Carmon expressed his dissatisfaction with Shashi Tharoor\’s position on Hamas by sharing the interview clip on social media. He strongly criticized Tharoor\’s statement, saying, \”After decades of terror against my people, confronting even the Palestinian Authority, especially after the recent horrendous loss of over a thousand innocent lives, can you not categorize Hamas as terrorists? To be honest, I am shocked.\”

In response to Daniel Carmon\’s critique, Shashi Tharoor clarified his statement and reaffirmed his alignment with India\’s stance regarding the recognition of Hamas as an entity. He conveyed through a tweet, \”What I merely stated is that India has not formally designated Hamas as such, unlike other countries. There is no doubt that Hamas has engaged in acts of terrorism, which I unequivocally condemn. Please do not be misled by sensational headlines attempting to distort my words, @danielocarmon. I empathize with you and our other friends in Israel during these trying times and extend my hopes and prayers for your continued safety.\”

Furthermore, Shashi Tharoor had previously characterized Prime Minister Narendra Modi\’s comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict as \”incomplete.\” While addressing the issue, Tharoor acknowledged the Prime Minister\’s expression of solidarity with Israel but noted that his statement lacked completeness. He emphasized the existence of broader issues, particularly the ongoing dehumanizing occupation in various regions. Tharoor pointed to the protracted suffering of the people in Gaza, constrained by their living conditions, and the challenges faced by the residents of the West Bank due to the construction of a barrier impeding their freedom of movement.

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