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We, at Tarun IAS, are helping thousands of aspirants in achieving their dream of IAS, IPS etc. We are result oriented which sets Tarun IAS different from others. Our experienced faculties along with personalized mentorship puts student on a right path where they achieve their dreams.

More than 200+ Students have Become IAS at Tarun IAS

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To boost your preparation with the best

Classroom Course

Our Classroom Courses have a legacy of their own. Learn from best teachers in India Provide Live Interactive Classes, Live Interaction with Faculty Doubt Session Mentorship Programs Affordable Learning Platform.

Online Courses

Learn from the best teachers in India remotely, attend Live classes and engage. Now you can truly learn anywhere, anytime. We have enabled the best technologies to give you an Affordable learning platform.

Recorded Courses

Enroll in upcoming courses that best suit your schedule and UPSC CSE – GS exam syllabus  Affordable Learning Platform.

Why Choose Us

Both Online and Offline

Get online/offline Classes
 by Best Faculty

Get access anytime anywhere

Recording 900+ Hours
 of GS 


Daily sessions on editorials
 and important News

Live Doubt Sessions

Subject wise doubt sessions
  by experts

Batch Strength

Up to 50 which gives a personalized learning experience.

Experienced Mentors

More than 10 years of mentoring experience

Availability of support

Class notes, Quizzes, Doubt solving etc

Quality of the study materials

Compressive, Crisp up-to-date Coverage of syllabus.

Our Video Lectures

Polity & Governance UPSC Mentor
Play Video about Polity & Governance UPSC Mentor
Science & Technology UPSC mentor
Play Video about Science & Technology UPSC mentor
Geography UPSC Mentor
Play Video about Geography UPSC Mentor
Play Video
Play Video
Geography UPSC Mentor
Play Video about Geography UPSC Mentor

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Things to Consider Before Joining IAS Coaching in Delhi

Quality Teacher

The credentials of the instructors should be your first consideration when looking for a Top IAS institution in Delhi. Your civil service preparations can benefit greatly from the teacher’s expertise and teaching methodology. The appropriate instructors can support you in your quest to fulfil your aspirations of becoming a top civil servant by not only assisting you in learning the extensive material but also acting as a mentor. It can be a long road to success in the IAS exams.


The IAS coaching centre you select should have professionally furnished classrooms and all the instructional equipment required to conduct the classes successfully. There are a number of things you might look for in a classroom, including adequate seating, projectors, whiteboards, and air conditioning. You are given the appropriate tools and surroundings to concentrate on your study at a coaching centre with a solid infrastructure.

Online Resources

With time, IAS coaching has changed as well, and many IAS coaching facilities now utilise online resources to assist their students in becoming more prepared. Online exam series, Webinars, recorded video lessons, and live online classes are just a few of the often used technologies. Given that these amenities make learning easier and more entertaining, a coaching centre that provides them is unquestionably deserving of your consideration.

Past Outcomes

The historical performances of a coach are more important than all the tools and amenities offered by a coaching centre. You should look at aspects like the IAS Coaching centres’ past year’s outcomes, the number of students who passed the exam, and the highest ranks that students have attained when conducting research on them. You can analyse each coaching institute fairly with the use of the facts provided in this paragraph.

Study material

You must compile the necessary reading materials and books to keep your preparations on track. Enrolling in a reputable IAS tutoring in Delhi is another approach to gaining access to the appropriate study materials. A thorough selection of books and other study materials are available at all reputable IAS tutoring centres, providing enough to cover the complete course of study. Consider looking over their selection of books before deciding on a coaching facility for your preparations.

Test series

Test series are frequently suggested by IAS candidates who pass the civil services exam, and for good reason.By regularly taking practise exams, you may judge whether your preparations are adequate and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. When looking for the best IAS coaching centre in Delhi, it’s a good idea to check out which coaching centres have a strong mock test programme and which ones have a respectable selection of test series.


The process of getting ready for the civil services exam can be very time-consuming and exhausting. Many factors, like the lengthy study hours, extensive curriculum, peer pressure, expectations, etc., can cause kids a lot of stress. A good IAS coaching centre’s instructors and mentors will have expertise in dealing with these problems and will be able to support you during trying moments.

Cost of the course

the cost aspect of IAS coaching is important. Finding a coaching facility that provides the greatest training programme, study materials, and other resources at a cost that is reasonable for you is essential. Make sure you get the most out of the money you spend on your Civil Services training. watch several demo classes first because different professors have different teaching strategies.

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need a dedicated mentor to take me through the examination ?

An Anchor of stability always help in life. It could be a person, an idea or an experience. However a dedicated mentor can do wonders in this important journey 

as you need an experienced guide to take you forward.

What unique advantages i will have if i choose Tarun IAS course ?

At TarunIAS, we are focused on ‘personalized guidance’ according to the needs of our student. We abhor ‘one size fits all approach’ which is the standard

 norm for Our colleagues in other institutions.

I am from a small-town college, how would I compete with students of top rated institutions ?

In UPSC more than the size of the town, size of your resolve matters. Additionally UPSC is a great equalizer, here your hard work will count more

 than your Alumni status.

There is so much information available on net about upsc, how should I choose, how should I priorities ?

This is an issue faced by almost all of the aspirants. Here Guidance, support and focus will play a very important role. At TarunIAS, we are very

 focused in filtering the information and providing our students the best content and navigating them through this cobweb.

Is it possible to pursue my CSE dream in a language other than English ? How important is it to have good knowledge of English for this exam ?

Absolutely yes. Language barrier is a myth in UPSC journey. Every year many bright young minds succeed through medium other than English. 

You need a working knowledge of the Language though as this is expected from you as a future civil servant.

What qualities should an ideal UPSC CSE aspirant must have ?

An ideal UPSC aspirant must have ‘Strategic Patience, Perseverance, Discipline and capability to do Hard Work’. These capabilities can be acquired

as well through proper vision and suitable guidance.

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