Headlines Of The Day 15/01/2024

Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Uttarayan, and Magh Bihu Celebrations Sweep Across the Nation: 

The festivals of harvest, including Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Uttarayan, and Magh Bihu, are resonating across diverse regions of the country, symbolizing the culmination of winter and the arrival of longer days. The celebrations are a tapestry of cultural richness, showcasing unique traditions such as kite flying, bonfires, and joyous feasts. read more

Yogesh Singh Clinches Gold in Men\’s 25m Standard Pistol at Asian Shooting Championships 2024: 

India\’s Yogesh Singh won gold in the men\’s 25m standard pistol event at the Asian Shooting Championships in Jakarta. Singh\’s impressive performance included shooting 17Xs, securing the top spot in a tie with Mongolian shooter Davaakhuu Enkhtaivan. Kazakhstan\’s Nikita Chiryukin took the bronze. read more

PM Modi\’s YouTube Channel Crosses 20 Million Subscribers: 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved a significant milestone as his personal YouTube Channel became the first among world leaders to reach two crore (20 million) subscribers. The channel has also garnered an impressive nearly 450 crore (4.5 billion) views on its videos. read more

UK Pledges Strong NATO Support: 20,000 Military Personnel to Participate in Major Exercise Across Europe in the first half of  2024: 

Britain is set to deploy a substantial military force of 20,000 personnel across Europe in the first half of this year for NATO\’s Exercise Steadfast Defender 24, commemorating the alliance\’s 75th year. The deployment comprises 16,000 British army troops stationed in Eastern Europe from February to June. read more



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