Indian Express : Headlines Of The Day -26/7/2023

Headlines of The Day from Indian Express Newspaper :

Front Page

  1. LAC action eroded trust, public and political basis of our ties : Doval to Wang


Govt & Politics

  1. A year in office : President who makes spcial bid to reach out
  2. Chandrayaan – 3 reaches highest intended orbit around earth. final descent in a month


In Parliament

  1. Bill to bring various names of 12 tribal groups in ST list gets RS clearance
  2. LC passes new bill to decriminalise biodiversity offences


Express Network

  1. 15 IIT- B students opted for early exit last yr



  1. Structures of impunity
  2. Road t0 2047
  3. Overstep, overreach


Ideas Page

  1. Gulf route to Pakistan
  2. A woman’s eye view


Express Network

  1. Voter has the right to know candidate background



  1. DNA technology bill : Feature debate why it was withdrawn
  2. Safety limits to flying



  1. IMF raises India growth forecast for FY 24 to 6.1%
  2. Instant selling of transactions : How will investors benefit



  1. Citing its export blocks, Russia rebufffs UN chief’s call to return to grain deal
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