Indian Express : Headlines Of The Day -24/6/2023

Headlines of The Day from Indian Express Newspaper :

Front Page

  1. Another AI – America & India
  2. Without naming China, PM flags dark clouds of coercion no ifs or buts on terror from Pakistan
  3. A footnote once, tech is the new driver of India- US diplomacy
  4. Silent on Russia, joint statement hails ties spanning ‘seas to stars’

Govt & Politics

  1. Micron plant in Gujarat may start chip assembly by 2024; next in line; manufacturing

Express Network

  1. Change is the need of hour, J&K youth must join it : Shah
  2. Delimitation will do what Assam accord, NRC couldn’t : Himanta
  3. To control rising retail prices, govt to sell wheat rice in the open market

Modi in America

  1. All the articles


  1. Road not taken before
  2. Defensive no more
  3. In a new space

Ideas Page

  1. Together, a better future to world, a better world to future
  2. Eternal vigilance


  1. Wait for real counteroffensive says Ukraine as it pushes back
  2. Rich nations pledge to unlock billions of dollars for climate fight
  3. 88 Buddhist temples, 750 miles, untold gifts : Japan’s Shikoku pilgrimage


  1. Inflation is holding back consumer spending, private capex : RBI bulletin
  2. To minimise growth risk, need a gentle glide path to middle of inflation target
  3. Govt to cut daytime power tariffs, raise fees for night use


  1. The India-US embrace
  2. Samosa cacus
  3. Guns alone can’t protect forest guards in India : Several reasons why
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