Indian Express : Headlines Of The Day -23 and 24/7/2023

Headlines of The Day from Indian Express Newspaper :

Front Page

  1. Parliament logjam persists : Opp insists on PM statement, Govt desnt relent
  2. Radio collars of six Kuno cheetahs removed, two had severe infection


Govt & Politics

  1. ASI team to begin scientific survey of Gyanvapi mosque today : Varanasi DM
  2. Modi likely to inaugurate G 20 summit venue on July 26


Express Network

  1. 57 still untraced search op called off in Raigad ; Section 144 imposed
  2. India gifts missile corvette Kirpan to Vietnamese navy



  1. Zero FIR
  2. The ethanol impetus
  3. Cure for HIV : Hopes raised by, and limitations of, stem cell transplant



  1. How not to tame inflation
  2. Tax as incentive
  3. Welcome thaw


Ideas Page

  1. South Asia nuclear zero
  2. Islands of prosperity



  1. Japan says it can make clean coal, but technology faces many hurdles



  1. Banks write off bad loans worth Rs 2.09 lakh crore in 2022-23 : RBI
  2. Middle east logical alternaive for India if Russian oil supply falls
  3. Panel ask labour ministry to implement welfare schemes for gig workers
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