Indian Express : Headlines Of The Day -09/6/2023

Headlines of The Day from Indian Express Newspaper :

Front Page

  1. RBI hits pause second time in a row, repo rate remains 6.5%
  2. Indira assassination float in Canada : Not good for ties says Jaishankar

Govt & Politics

  1. Govt to utilise PACs as drone entrepreneurs for spraying fertilisers
  2. PM speaks with MBS thanks him for Sudan evacuation support


  1. A Manipur dead end
  2. Pressing pause
  3. Talk and listen
  4. Trust comes first

Ideas Page

  1. Forecast is still cloudy

Express Network

  1. Safety first, won’t rush to meet deadline: ISRO chief on Gaganyaan


  1. Das cautious on inflation says need to maintain Arjuna’s eye on scenario
  2. RBI clears default loss guarantee arrangements between fintechs & banks, NBFCs in digital lending


  1. The US-China thaw
  2. Biparjoy
  3. What onset on monsoon means and why a delay is not always bad news


  1. Biden Sunak hold talks on Ukraine, World economy
  2. In a first, scientists find crocodile virgin birth at costa rica zoo


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