Hamas Releases 3rd Group Of 17 Hostages Held Captive In Gaza

The freed hostages now total 63 out of approximately 240 taken to Gaza following the unprecedented October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel.

On Sunday, Hamas rulers in Gaza released nine children, four women, and a Russian-Israeli. These releases were in line with a Friday agreement between Israel and Hamas, spanning four days, allowing for the liberation of 50 Israelis and 150 Palestinians.

The release of the Russian-Israeli on Sunday was not part of the truce deal, as Hamas attributed it \”in response to the efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin.\”

In addition to those released on Sunday, earlier releases included thirteen Israeli hostages on both Friday and Saturday. In return, Israel freed 39 Palestinian prisoners on both Friday and Saturday.

Hamas also released three Thai nationals on Sunday, with fourteen Thais and one Filipino having been previously released outside the deal.

The Israeli hostages freed on Sunday include:

  1. Elma Avraham (84-year-old artist)
  2. Aviva Siegel (62-year-old schoolteacher)
  3. Hagar Brodetz and her three children
  4. Abigail (US citizen)
  5. Chen Almog-Goldstein and her three children
  6. Sisters Ela and Dafna
  7. Ron Krivoy (25-year-old Russian-Israeli sound technician)

These releases mark ongoing developments following the October 7 attacks, with diplomatic efforts and agreements influencing the hostage release process.

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