Gujarat hospital where Parag Desai was taken issues statement after death. \’No dog bite marks on body\’

Parag Desai, the Executive Director of the Wagh Bakri Tea Group, passed away on the following Sunday, one week after he slipped outside his residence in Ahmedabad while defending himself against street dogs during his evening walk. He was 49 years old. The private hospital in Gujarat, where Desai received immediate medical attention, confirmed the absence of any indications of dog bites on his body.

In a statement, Shelby Hospital revealed, \”Upon the patient\’s arrival at the facility in an unconscious state, it was reported that he had fallen while being pursued by dogs. However, it was evident that no dog bite marks were present on his body.\”

The statement further explained, \”Upon admission to the hospital at approximately 6 pm on October 15, the patient was unconscious and unresponsive. A CT scan disclosed an acute subdural hematoma with bilateral frontal contusion. Desai was admitted to the ICU and advised a 72-hour period of observation and treatment.\”

As reported by the Ahmedabad Mirror, Desai was initially taken to Shelby Hospital, and a day later, he was transferred to Zydus Hospital for surgical intervention. Tragically, he passed away due to a brain hemorrhage. An official connected with the family clarified, \”Desai experienced a fall, which resulted in a brain hemorrhage and loss of consciousness. He was rapidly transported to a private hospital and subsequently to another facility for brain surgery. He was kept under observation and, regrettably, passed away at around 7 pm on Sunday.\”

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