Five bogies of North East Express derail near Buxar in Bihar

Earlier today, a derailment incident unfolded, causing five coaches of the 12506 Down North East Express to derail near Raghunathpur station in Bihar\’s Buxar district.

This mishap occurred in close proximity to Raghunathpur station, situated within the Danapur division near Buxar, at approximately 9:35 pm. Thankfully, there have been no reports of casualties, as affirmed by an official from Indian Railways, as reported by PTI.

The 12506 Down North East Express, originating from Anand Vihar Terminal in Delhi at 7:45 am, was en route to Kamakhya Junction in Guwahati, Assam.

In response to the incident, the East Central Railway Zone has initiated the deployment of an accident relief vehicle, along with a medical team and officials, to the accident site, as conveyed by ANI.

To assist affected passengers, a scratch rake, replicating the configuration of the original train, has been dispatched from Patna. This information was provided by an official with direct knowledge of the situation, as reported by PTI.

Moreover, Tejashwi Yadav, the deputy chief minister of Bihar, has been in communication with the district magistrate and superintendent of police in Buxar and Arrah. He has issued directives to ensure proper arrangements for the injured and urged the concerned officers to reach the incident site expeditiously, according to the report.

Tejashwi underscored the active involvement of the Bihar government in the rescue, relief, and treatment of the victims and the injured. He remarked, \”Upon receiving information about the train derailment in Raghunathpur, the district administration promptly activated an alert. We dispatched 15 ambulances, 4-5 buses, and a team from the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF). Comprehensive preparations have been made to provide medical treatment to the injured, including the summoning of doctors and the opening of a blood bank,\” as quoted by ANI, attributed to Raj Kumar, DM Bhojpur.

For assistance, the CPRO Northern Railways has issued helpline numbers, including 9771449971 for PNBE, 8905697493 for DNR, 8306182542 for ARA, and 7759070004 for COML CNL. The railways have also provided emergency helpline numbers for passengers: 9771449971 (Patna), 8905697493 (Danapur), 8306182542 (Ara), 8306182542, and 7759070004.

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