Find a girl for Rahul Gandhi: Sonia Gandhi to Sonepat women farmers

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi finds himself in the spotlight due to the Indian society\’s preoccupation with marriage, as an increasing number of people urge him to tie the knot. The most recent incident occurred when a group of women farmers from Haryana visited 10, Janpath.

During their interaction with Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, these women farmers expressed their desire for Rahul to get married. In response, Sonia Gandhi playfully suggested that they find a suitable girl for her son, to which Rahul Gandhi replied, \”it will happen.\”

Rahul\’s single status came into focus last month when RJD leader and former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav urged him to consider marriage during a joint press conference attended by various Opposition parties in Patna.

The women farmers visited the Gandhis in Delhi after receiving an invitation from Rahul himself. On July 8, Rahul Gandhi spontaneously stopped at Madina village in Sonepat, where he interacted with the people and spent time with the farmers working in the fields.

During this visit, Rahul promised to take them on a tour of Delhi, as they had never been to the National Capital despite living so close. Keeping his word, he hosted them in Delhi, and he, along with his mother Sonia and sister Priyanka, had a memorable day with their special guests. The event involved a tour of Delhi, followed by lunch at their home, and engaging in fun activities together. Rahul shared the joyous occasion on Twitter in Hindi, along with a video of the meeting, expressing his gratitude for the precious gifts and love they received from the farmer sisters, including desi ghee, sweet lassi, homemade pickles, and more.

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